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School Reopening Plans

Following the four regional Regents’ Reopening Task Force meetings and one Youth Forum, conducted virtually between June 15 and June 24, 2020, the Board of Regents and Department staff created a framework to help guide schools and school districts as they planned for school to return in the fall, whether instruction takes place in person, remotely, or through some combination of the two.

Following the release of that framework, school districts, charter schools, and BOCES developed re-opening plans to address mandatory elements outlined in the Department’s Recovering, Rebuilding, and Renewing: The Spirit of New York's Schools – Reopening Guidance document and in the guidance released by NYS Department of Health (DOH) on July 13, 2020.

The Department required that reopening plans be posted on the BOCES, district, or charter school’s public website in a location that is easily located by students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other community stakeholders. Reopening Plans for each school were to be posted on individual school websites or centrally on one district-wide page.

For questions about a specific reopening plan, please contact your local school, district, or BOCES.

To access the links to school reopening plans, please click on one of the links below:

For New York City public school plans, please visit the New York City Department of Education's District School Reopening Plan web page.

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