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PLAN Pilot Networks


To facilitate sustainable changes in school culture, schools participating in the PLAN Pilot will work together in networks to learn and support each other in successfully implementing performance-based learning and assessment practices.


There are several promising school models in which performance-based learning and assessment is a key component that provides authentic measures of student readiness and informs teaching, learning, and school culture in ways that support high-quality instructional practices, advance deeper learning, and strengthen family and community engagement.  In New York State, these promising models include:

  • School networks that are implementing high-quality career and technical education in ways that prepare students for success in the workplace;
  • School networks that use inquiry-based pedagogical approaches and assessments that measures students' individual performance on specified objectives; and
  • School networks that use performance-based assessments to determine student progress.

The PLAN Pilot will study how best to support networks of schools and educators in shifting their instructional practices and improving school culture in a way that better prepares students for college, career, and civic success.