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Program Office/Description: 

The Office of Facilities Planning reviews capital construction projects and is primarily responsible for code enforcement, life safety and health in all public K-12 schools and BOCES in the State, exclusive of New York City.

The Assignment (Description of Job): 

The assignments will likely be in-depth analyses of various office policies. Including but not limited to analyses of laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Assignment Type: 
Professional Development Plan : 

Interns will gain extensive knowledge of the policies and procedures of the Office of Facilities Planning. This knowledge could be beneficial to the interns should they pursue a career in education management. They could also benefit from a networking perspective as OFP consistently interacts with various design professionals as well as district Superintendents, Business Officials and Directors of Facilities.

Desired Skills, Abilities, & Educational Background: 

Areas of interest/study would include public policy, statistics, accounting and finance.  Any focus on education is a plus.  Candidates should be versed in MS Office with an advanced knowledge of Excel.  Ability to communicate thoroughly and succinctly is desired.  A Bachelors or Masters degree is ideal.


While the exact amount of time needed is to be determined, it would likely be 10-15 hours per week.

Application Instructions: 

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter, resume, transcript (student copy is acceptable), and completed internship application to   Please include the Assignment Number (OHE-S21-3) in the subject line of your email to reference this assignment.

Internship Program: 
NYSED Internship
Program Area: 
Office of Higher Education
Program Office: 
Office of Facilities Planning

Joshua Staples

Number of Interns Requested: 
Degree Level: 
Spring 2021
Pay Rate: