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Program Office/Description: 

Established in 1818, the New York State Library is comprised of the State Research Library, the Talking Book & Braille Library, and the Division of Library Development. Together all components of the New York State Library serve in a leadership role to assist libraries and ensure that New Yorkers have access to lifelong learning opportunities.

The Assignment (Description of Job): 

These positions provide a unique opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the New York State Library as well as its 7,000 libraries, 72 library systems and the services they offer New York residents.

Interns will work primarily to support the State Librarian in the implementation and communication of new federally-funded programs, including programs to be developed in the areas of digital inclusion, anti-racism, and statewide stakeholder engagment.

Activities for all of the students include, but are not limited to:  research; data collection, analysis and presentation; webwork and social media such as preparing website materials, facebook, blogs, etc.; program planning and coordination; contacts with stakeholders; meeting planning and organization; exhibits and presentations; report writing; grant-related activities; use of online systems; PR and communications, etc. 

Assignment Type: 
Professional Development Plan : 

Reporting directly to the State Librarian, the Graduate Student Intern will have opportunities to learn about New York State's statewide library infrastructure of 72 library systems and 7,000 libraries, as well as opportunities to learn about the operation of the State Research Library. Student will learn about statewide library programs, policies and procedures from Library Development staff and State Library/OCE leadership.  Student meet with State Librarian and other members of the State Library’s leadership team individually to learn more about the unit's operations, policies and procedures.  Students learn about state and federal programs related to improving library services. Students receive tours, participate in team, unit, Librarywide, OCE and SED staff meetings, attend Regents meetings and other professional meetings as appropriate, to help them better understand the scope of New York State Library statewide services and programs. Students receive training in agency/office policies and procedures, use of agency/office hardware and software tools, SED email, numerous online information and data systems and other tools needed to carry out their assignments and projects.

Desired Skills, Abilities, & Educational Background: 

This position is open to matriculated graduate students. Preference may be given to those who are pursuing a Masters in Library or Information Science or a combined Bachelors/Masters in Library or Information Science or a PhD, and/or those who may be interested in working in other information agency environments upon graduation. However, any student interested in public policy, planning, research and management, political science and government, communications and marketing, history or education would find this position of interest.

Strong writing, communication, and organizational skills and the ability to work independently are important. 


Student must be able to work a minimum of 15 hours a week. 

Application Instructions: 

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter, resume, transcript (student copy is acceptable), and completed internship application to   Please include the Assignment Number (OCE-F21-2) in the subject line of your email to reference this assignment.

Internship Program: 
SUNY/SED Internship
Program Area: 
Office of Cultural Education
Program Office: 
New York State Library

Lauren Moore

Number of Interns Requested: 
Degree Level: 
Fall 2021
Pay Rate: