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Charter School Office Legal Intern

Program Office/Description: 

The mission of the New York State Education Department Charter School Office is to foster high-quality public education options for all students, families, and communities. The vision of the office is to create a diverse portfolio of innovative charter schools that produce strong outcomes through a rigorous new school process, strong performance oversight and accountability, and model authorizing practices. 

The Assignment (Description of Job): 

Substantive internship responsibilities may include, but would not be limited to:
1. Legislative and legal research and writing;
2. Review of charter school contracts and documents;
3. Assisting senior staff in the preparation of corporate documents for New York State charter schools;
4. Reviewing and making recommendations on charter revision requests concerning Regents authorized charter schools and proposed charter revisions from other authorizers, as appropriate;
5. Assisting staff when preparing and editing charter school documents and materials;
6. Assisting in the preparation of responses to Freedom of Information Law requests;
7. Participating in meetings and conferences with senior staff and stakeholders;
8. General Office functions and correspondence.

Assignment Type: 
Professional Development Plan : 

The intern will receive hands-on experience analyzing and preparing legal documents, discussing policy and legislative changes to the Education Law, and drafting legal memoranda.

Desired Skills, Abilities, & Educational Background: 

IL, 2L, 3L


20 hours/week

Application Instructions: 

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter, resume, transcript (student copy is acceptable), and completed internship application to  Please include the Assignment Number (OHE-FA22-2) in the subject line of your email to reference this assignment.

Internship Program: 
NYSED Internship
Program Area: 
Office of P12 Education
Program Office: 
Charter School Office

Karonne Jarrett Watson

Number of Interns Requested: 
Degree Level: 
Fall 2022
Pay Rate: