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Assistant Youth Director

Program Office/Description: 

The New York State Museum's Youth Services division is a nationally recognized program that features two educational, interactive after-school programs for traditionally under-served, Albany city youth. The Museum Club is for children ages 8-13. We provide kids with academic support, homework assistance and interactive, educational enrichment activities in and around the State Museum.

The Discovery Squad teen program is a workplace mentoring program that includes academic support, but also teaches adolescents about higher education and skill building to prepare young people to enter the workforce. Teens assist Museum Club children with homework and serve as role models for the kids. They also work with museum educators and assist in developing and implementing interactive educational activities on the floor of the Museum. In the meantime, they are developing job and communication skills, while pursuing goal-setting and critical thinking skills. Teens research and explore colleges with staff assistance. They also receive social/emotional support and learn coping skills to help them balance pressures in their family, school and social lives. 

The Assignment (Description of Job): 

We are in need of an Assistant Youth Director (AYD) with experience to help coordinate daily functions and programming for our two after-school youth programs for under-served Albany city children and teens. The AYD will train directly with the Director of Youth Services to learn the daily routine and overall operations for both programs. Whether there is a child who needs homework or reading assistance, or a teen who wants to discuss life issues or steps towards college admission, the AYD and Director are there to assist staff, volunteers, children, teens and families as needed. Our programs incorporate a holistic, multidisciplinary, inclusive approach to learning and social and emotional development. In the event that the Director is unavailable the AYD must work with Museum staff to seamlessly cover both afternoon programs. The AYD must have a great rapport with young people, possess a calm, upbeat demeanor, have lots of spontaneous creative energy and be able to multi-task on her or his feet. 

Assignment Type: 
Professional Development Plan : 

The Assistant Director will be under the direct supervision of the founding director of the Museum's youth programs. She has spent 30+ years as a Museum Educator and an equal amount of time working with urban youth and in a community outreach capacity working cooperatively to provide supportive, quality educational experiences utilizing the Museum's vast resources. Interns will also receive training opportunities from Museum staff and veteran Youth Services teens to learn about exhibits, artifacts, scientists, curators, researchers, etc within the Museum. The AYD will also participate in daily discussions regarding the needs of the young people and families whom we serve. Learning strategies for each child and teen will also be discussed on an ongoing basis as we work with teachers, social workers and families to maximize cooperative opportunities for growth and development.

Desired Skills, Abilities, & Educational Background: 

Candidates must demonstrate experience with children and teens (see #3 above.) We have had graduate and undergraduate students working in the program, but experience with under-served youth and a working understanding of child and adolescent development is most important. We have had SUNY students who were studying Social Welfare, Psychology, Urban Education, Africana and LatinX Studies, Education, Museum Studies, etc, and we are open to other specialties if the candidate displays the youth experience and possesses a responsible, engaging personality and can think quickly on his or her feet. Museums explore science, history and the arts through interactive, youth-driven learning opportunities. The NYS Museum's after-school programs are designed to encourage informal, fun ways to explore a wide variety of  topics with a creative, supportive team that understands that children learn in a variety of ways. The AYD will learn and help facilitate this process on a daily basis.   


The after-school programs run weekdays after kids get out of school, so we are looking for someone who is available Monday thru Friday from 2:00 - 6:00PM for a total of 20 hours per week with the exception of the designated Albany City School holidays and vacation breaks. 

Application Instructions: 

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter, resume, transcript (student copy is acceptable), and completed internship application to  Please include the Assignment Number (OCE-FA22-6P) in the subject line of your email to reference this assignment.

Internship Program: 
SUNY/SED Internship
Program Area: 
Office of Cultural Education
Program Office: 
New York State Museum, Education Office – Youth Services

Stephanie Miller

Number of Interns Requested: 
Degree Level: 
Fall 2022
Pay Rate: