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Test Distribution Center Supervisor, Grade 15 (PEF)

Hours and Location 7:30am – 3:30pm, Monday through Friday, Cultural Education Center

The New York State Education Department is seeking candidates for a Test Distribution Center Supervisor position in the Office of Facilities and Business Services. The incumbent of this position will oversee operations of the Test Distribution Unit (TDU) in the handling and dissemination of examination materials to school districts throughout New York State. Duties of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Operate and work with Print Plant staff to ensure and adjust production schedules and assignments to expedite priority work and to ensure timely printing, packaging, and shipping of examination materials;
  • Maintain a quality control system by inspecting work at all stages of production and work with subordinate staff to correct any deficiencies;
  • Prepare reports on daily production for four units to ensure all required examination materials are available and properly disseminated;
  • Inspect and maintain equipment such as forklifts, pallet trucks, lifts, shrink-wrap machine, typing machine, electronic counting machine, fixed and movable conveyers, and mailing machines to ensure all necessary repair and service requirements are met;
  • Monitor security systems to ensure that all exam materials are locked and that alarm systems in the warehouse have been activated before leaving each day;
  • Assist in and oversee operation of forklifts and loading and unloading of trucks;
  • Respond to inquiries from school officials regarding examination delivery problems;
  • Oversee preparation of and approve notices sent to school officials when examination materials are not returned as required;
  • Develop and maintain tracking system for receipt of completed examination materials, maintain inventory, and disseminate to proper program staff for auditing as required;
  • Oversee destruction of outdated materials to ensure they are destroyed in a secure and timely manner;
  • Oversee supervision of staff responsible for managing the sorting, arranging, and shelving of examination materials to assure that all materials related to specific examinations are organized and easily accessible;
  • Supervise TDU staff to ensure materials are packaged, labeled, and shipped accurately, timely, and that there are no breaches in security;
  • Supervise Labor Supervisors responsible for maintaining UPS tracking number system to assure easy accessibility to shipping records in the event materials are not received by school districts on time; and
  • Supervise staff responsible for overseeing cleaning of packing shelves to prepare for receipt of next round of examination materials.
Minimum Qualifications: 

Non-Competitive Appointment: Candidates must have two years of experience in the shipping of secure materials. One year of this experience must have been in a supervisory capacity.

Conditions of Employment: 

This will be a permanent, non-competitive appointment.  Promotions and transfers may change appointee’s negotiating unit.  Applicants should be aware that changes in negotiating units may affect their salary, insurance, and other benefits.

*Leads to a maximum salary of $61,229 based on annual performance advances.


Qualified candidates should send a resume and letter of interest by March 6, 2020 to (email submissions preferred).  You must include the Box number (PIMS-462/03800) of the position in the subject line of your email and cover letter to ensure receipt of your application.

Grade Level: 
Grade 15
Negotiating Unit: 
Box #: 
Deadline Date: 
Friday, March 6, 2020
Email Address: 
Office of Performance Improvement and Management Services

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