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Associate in Educational Testing, Grade 26 (PEF)

The New York State Education Department’s Office of the Professions is seeking candidates for an Associate in Educational Testing position within the Division of Professional Licensing Services (DPLS).  DPLS assists the Board of Regents and the Department in the review of licensure applicants in the 54 professions governed under Title 8 of Education Law. The incumbent of this position will be responsible for the creation and administration of the Professional Examination process and the ongoing use of third-party professional examinations for New York State licensure.  Other duties of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Oversee the writing and editing of exam questions and the selection of exam forms, in consultation with the State Board;
  • Maintain and expand electronic item banks;
  • Conduct item writer training sessions;
  • Consult with State Boards and advise on cut score determinations, and developing cut score formulae;
  • Write job analysis surveys and analyze results;
  • Approve candidate score reports before release, and act as lead liaison with outside test vendors to ensure the secure transfer of test results;
  • Assess the appropriateness of regional and national tests along with their test development procedures to determine suitability as licensing instruments;
  • Conduct periodic evaluations of tests currently used in the licensing process in conjunction with the State Boards;
  • Lead the request for proposal and contract process for professional examinations, communicate with test vendors, State Boards and other offices regarding the wording of contracts;
  • Draft, review and approve technical exam language for contracts and work with internal offices to finalize agreements for use of professional examinations;
  • Supervise the handling of inquiries from candidates and other interested parties on professional examinations, policies, procedures, and reasonable accommodation requirements;
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to the technology team on examination matters for the development of E-Licensing;
  • Monitor and respond to test administration reports from professional licensing examination holdings, and advise internal and external offices on response to incidents of breached test security and candidate misconduct; 
  • Participate with Office of the Professions managers in the review of such incidents; and
  • Supervise lower-level staff of the Professional Examinations unit.
Minimum Qualifications: 

Reassignment: Candidates must have one year of permanent competitive or 55b/c service as an Associate in Educational Testing 

Eligible List Appointment: Candidates must be reachable on the Civil Service eligible list for this title. 

Section 70.4 Transfer: A candidate may be eligible for nomination for Section 70.4 transfer to Associate in Educational Testing if they have standing on the Civil Service eligible list for this title and are currently a New York State employee in a title allocated at a salary grade 24 or higher. 

Provisional Appointment: If the eligible list has fewer than three acceptors, a non-permanent provisional appointment may be considered.  For non-permanent provisional appointment, candidates must have either:

1. A master’s degree AND five years of qualifying experience; 

Or 2. A master’s degree or higher in psychometrics, statistics, educational research, school counseling, guidance counseling, tests and measurement, or psychology, AND four years of the qualifying experience. 

Qualifying Experience: Experience in a position in which the majority of your duties involved developing, analyzing, or constructing large-scale tests and/or large–scale scoring rubrics; administering various aspects of a large-scale testing program on a professional level, such as the review, analysis, and interpretation of test score data, the development, review and editing of examinations, test manuals, and other test materials; or reviewing or re-rating open-ended responses. 

Non-Qualifying Experience: Constructing or administering tests for individual classroom or school district use is not qualifying. Experience limited to editing tests is not qualifying. Experience in Software testing is non-qualifying. Experience in the assessment of mental or physical health is non-qualifying. 

NOTE:  If you are on the Civil Service eligible list for this title, you may receive a canvass letter.  You must complete and return it as instructed on the letter.

Conditions of Employment: 

This will be a permanent appointment. Promotions and transfers may change appointees’ negotiating unit. Applicants should be aware that changes in negotiating units may affect their salary, insurance, and other benefits. Verification of degree will be required for all candidates at the time of interview.

*Leads to a maximum salary of $103,609 based on annual performance advances. 


Qualified candidates should send a resume and letter of interest by February 23, 2018 to (email submissions are preferred).  You must include the Box number (OP-1097) of the position in the subject line of your email and cover letter to ensure receipt of your application.

Grade Level: 
Grade 26
Negotiating Unit: 
Box #: 
Deadline Date: 
Friday, February 23, 2018
Email Address: 
Office of the Professions

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