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Technology Options

Technology offers schools and districts increased options for

  • Communication (e-mail, phone, online conferencing, social media);
  • Teacher/student and student/student interaction (office hours, check-ins, peer collaboration);
  • Instruction (video/audio recordings of instruction, instructional materials, synchronous distance learning, asynchronous online courses); and
  • Learning Materials and Content (digital content, online learning activities).

Districts and schools are encouraged to consult with local curriculum and educational technology experts in their school, district, or BOCES/RIC for information on technology options that are available and supported.

Please use the link to the left to explore digital tools.

Important note: In compliance with state law and regulation, educational agencies must take measures to protect students’ personally identifiable information from unauthorized access when considering utilizing digital (distance) learning platforms. Examples of such measures include minimizing the amount of data shared to only that necessary, deidentifying data to prevent the public disclosure of students personally identifiable information, and the use of encryption or an equivalent technical control that renders personally identifiable information unusable, unreadable or indecipherable to unauthorized persons when transmitted electronically.  For more information, please refer to NYSED's Data Privacy and Security website.