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Learning Technology Grant Winner: Troy - PS2

Award Years: 2015-2018

Proposal Abstract

The Troy City School District’s Learning Technology Grant program, “Student VISA” (Student Video Interactions and Scholarly Achievements) is designed to provide at-risk students a passport into to worlds far beyond the walls of their classrooms, worlds where they can explore, research, discover and collaborate. The project equips School 2 with real-time, 1080p video conferencing/collaboration capabilities in each grade 2-5 instructional space (classroom, media center, computer lab, etc.). The project also provides training and resources for creating student-centered, inquiry-based “model units of study” employing this technology. Teachers will receive Professional Development in meeting Common Core and NYS Learning Standards (ELA, Math & CDOS) through the use of technology-rich instructional strategies shown to have high levels of student engagement. Student Objectives were identified through analysis of student assessment data. In meeting these program objectives, it is expected that students at School 2 will show increased achievement as measured by the NYS Asessments. Through activities such as virtual field trips, distance learning seminars, primary research, wall-less classroom activities, live presentations for on-line audiences, etc., students and teachers at PS 2 can collaborate with peers down the hall, or experts around the world. Students’ ability to visit distant places of interest will no longer be hampered by the economic condition of their family or their school. Student work products and research can take place in real-world contexts. The opportunity for collaboration and creativity will provide students with an environment promoting the development of social, emotional and communication skills. Exposure to a greater diversity of culture and thought is made possible. The availability of this technology in each classroom makes it possible for this type of student centered, engaging instruction to become the norm each and every day.