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Learning Technology Grant Winner: School Of Diplomacy

Award Years: 2015-2018


PROPOSAL ABSTRACT New York City Geographic District #11’s proposal, FlippedTIPS for School of Diplomacy in the Bronx, has been designed to provide a total of 42 major content teachers and Library Media Specialists with intensive, systematic professional development focused on integrating FlippedTIPS’ exemplary technologies into the curricula of Science, Math, ELA and Social Studies at the School of Diplomacy (a Priority school); The Globe School for Environmental Research (a Priority School), The Forward School, the Young Scholars Academy of the Bronx and nonpublic partner, Cardinal Spellman H.S. (grades 9-12). By adopting and adapting this $7M+ Technology Innovation Challenge Grant’s PD model and Internet applications and adapting it to address the schools’ curricula and library media needs, the 42 teachers will achieve four teacher objectives: (1) Teachers will select topics in their curriculum (and/or community) focused on problem based learning which are recast as social problems. (2) Teachers will learn and develop a WebQuest, an online inquiry-based lesson for their students. (3) Teachers will develop a presentation for their classes using an online technology (PowerPoint, KeyNote, Prezi, Canva) (4) Teachers will create a screencast/video to be used in order to “flip” one of their classes. These produce the three student objectives: Students will… (1). Score higher on state standards content exams (2) Show significant gains in meeting the tech standards found in the ISTE NETS performance indicators (3) Students will meet the Common Core Learning standards through their completion of the online PPA lessons created by their teachers. The project will provide three to five days (15 hours) of onsite training, online activities follow-up technical assistance from the director of this nationally recognized technology integration project, and independent time for each teacher to develop technology products aligned to Common Core Learning Standards. FlippedTIPS has advanced the scores of thousands of Bronx secondary students since 2000, and will therefore be highly likely to be successful with the similar racially diverse and academically and economically challenged students in this project. The purpose of the FlippedTIPS project will be to assist teachers in creating technology-infused materials/lessons for use in their classes. The primary activities will be professional development workshops held at different times throughout the school year. At these PD workshops teachers will be introduced to the educational philosophies of blended learning/flipped teaching as well as the SAMR and TPACK models of technology integration. Teachers will develop lessons using OER to meet the New York State Learning Standards as well as the 3Cs. The FlippedTIPS training will be platform independent so it will not matter whether the individual schools/teachers use PCs, Macs, or other operating systems. The completed teacher lessons will be posted online at a dedicated site created for the Project. There will be a special emphasis on having content teachers work with the Library Media Specialists in their schools, as the LMS become involved with teachers in collaborative projects using FlippedTIPS’ technologies and Open Educational Resources (OER) in their media center or supporting teachers in their classrooms. An evaluation design used by FlippedTIPS will be implemented. Professional development training will also use FlippedTIPS’ Public Policy Analyst (PPA), a real-world active learning approach to school/community/curriculum problems that students encounter in the course of their days. Students in the targeted classrooms will show increases in their critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as an increase in the proper use of online resources.