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Learning Technology Grant Winner: Martin Van Buren High School

Award Years: 2015-2018


Martin Van Buren High School is dedicated to becoming a viable and strong college- and career-ready high school in Southeast Queens, New York. Since his arrival in 2012-2013, Principal Sochet has focused the school community’s attention on improving attendance, Regents completion, and building 21st-Century technology skills. Our student body consists of 1675 students, including 200 English Language Learners and 317 Instructional Support Services students. Over 65% of our students receive free or reduced lunch. Our school serves to enhance the educational levels of our ELLS, SWDs, and lowest third, as well as build the skills and presentation abilities of our Advanced Placement, Honors, and general education students. We are working towards building the following skills and augmenting our teaching and student-learning through the use of technology. In order to promote increase technological competence among our students, Martin Van Buren High School requires increased availability and support for internet resources, online texts, and online study aids. We would like to aim at becoming a 1:1 tablet school in conjunction with large format monitors using Google Classroom, encouraging all students to display their learning via tablets and large format monitors. Our ENL students need the most support and structure in building their vocabularies and reading skills. Based on Regents data and NYSESLAT data, they need more intensive support. Our need is to deliver content and support at home as well as at school. To this end, we would aim to have 1:1 access for these students to utilize programs like Rosetta Stone, myON, Scholastic Read 180/System 44, Castle Learning, as well as teacher feedback and support.