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Learning Technology Grant Winner: Hudson Jr/Sr High School

Award Years: 2015-2018

Proposal Abstract

The Using Learning Technology to Amplify Achievement Project at Hudson City School District is a comprehensive program that will provide intensive, embedded professional development focused on utilizing technology to create instructional improvements in mathematics and literacy at all three high-need Focus schools in the District. Roll-out will occur in successive years starting with the Jr. Sr. High (Grades 7-12) followed by the Intermediate School (Grades 3-6), and then at the Primary School (Grades K-2), forming an integrated, comprehensive plan to enhance instructional technology in classrooms throughout the District.

The need for technology in education is clear, but without an investment in the human side of the equation, technology can often paradoxically increase that gap.1 The primary investment focus of this grant will address this gap by providing for the development of a high-quality, sustainable professional development environment for staff to develop the 21st century planning and implementation skills using instructional technology that supports Common Core/NYS Standards-based lessons.

The critical elements of this system include the creation and ongoing training of three part-time Technology Learning Coaches: one for Math, one for ELA, and one as an Instructional Technology Coach. The Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) will partner with the District to provide staff training and ongoing embedded coaching for teachers. There will be additional investment in student peer to peer training programs, outreach to families and the community, and development of the roles of the school and public librarians. The goal of the sustainable system is that by the end of the grant period, the District will have sufficient in-house resources to provide a culture of ongoing learning and technology development training.

The benefits of blended learning are described extensively in a report looking at blended learning models in programs serving 13 low income communities and families.2 Teachers will be provided training in the use of blended learning classrooms such as differentiated instruction, flipped classrooms, and formative assessment leading to improved achievement of NYS Standards and objectives.

The District is proud to submit a grant proposal that meets and exceeds all requirements of this RFP. The Project’s strong commitment to providing innovative and ongoing professional development for instructional technology will support Common Core and NYS Learning Standards and significantly improve classroom instruction and increase student achievement districtwide.

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