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Learning Technology Grant Winner: Gloversville High School

Award Years: 2015-2018

Proposal Abstract

The Gloversville Enlarged School District is requesting $149,619 in Learning Technology Grant funding for the purpose of providing district faculty with intensive, high-quality and sustained professional development in the Google Apps for Education platform in preparation for the district’s implementation of a 1:1 Chromebook program for grades 6-12 in 2016-17. The professional development is targeted for educators in the district’s three largest schools (all Focus schools): the high school in year one; the middle school in year two; and Boulevard Elementary in year three. The project’s objectives are:

  • to provide K-12 district teachers, librarians and administrators with meaningful professional development in the Google Apps for Education platform;
  • to purchase 72 Google Chromebooks over the three-year period;
  • to increase the percentage of Gloversville educators utilizing Google Apps for Education into standards-aligned curricula;
  • to produce by the end of project year three, a 5 percent increase in ELA and math scores, in grades 3 -12.

In each of the three grant years, award-winning Google-certified trainer and education technology expert Carol LaRow will lead a series of comprehensive, onsite training sessions in the Google Apps for Education platform at each year’s designated Focus school. Teachers, librarians and administrators will participate in at least eight, three-hour sessions. They will learn how to seamlessly integrate the web-based tools of the Google Apps for Education platform into standards-aligned curricula, including many of the suggested units and modules outlined on The district’s director of secondary curriculum and two learning technology specialists will participate in the trainings in order to provide ongoing, year-round technology integration guidance to teachers. Instruction will focus heavily on how to leverage the collaborative power of the platform to enhance students’ learning experiences. Teachers will be instructed in how to review student works-in-progress, leave comments and insert links to relevant texts. They will be shown how students can act as peer editors for their classmates as well as collaborators-in-writing on a single group project. Similarly, the tools will be equally important for collaborative student projects across STEM content areas by allowing students to work in teams to solve complex problems in math, science, technology and engineering in support of mathematics, Science and Technology Standards, 1-7. Taken together, the activities in this project meet the goals of the Regents Reform Agenda regarding development of standards-aligned curricula, developing effective teachers and turning around the lowest-achieving schools. For Gloversville’s high-need students, the project will change the learning paradigm and produce a critically needed increase in their achievement levels.