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Learning Technology Grant Winner: Fallsburg - Benjamin Cosor Elementary School

Award Years: 2015-2018


Fallsburg CSD has two schools and both are in Focus status. 2013-14 Accountability (NYSED Report Card) indicates that neither All Students nor any sub-group made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in Elementary/Middle-Level English Language Arts (ELA) and only Black or African American and Economically Disadvantaged student sub-groups made AYP in Math, while All Students and other sub-groups did not. At the Secondary Level, All Students and sub-groups did not make AYP in ELA and only the White sub-group made AYP in Math, while All Students and Economically Disadvantaged students did not. The results for Fallsburg students in the 2014-15 grade 3-8 statewide assessments in ELA and Math fall below county results and far below statewide results.

We feel strongly that the provision of targeted technologies and professional development (PD) will lead to stronger instructional practices that improve student achievement. We see a need to provide training and hardware to promulgate the integration of technology into instruction and to better align the curricula with the Common Core Learning Standards; we also see the need to provide training in programs the schools have in place but are not fully utilizing, such as Compass Learning.

Benjamin Cosor Elementary School and Fallsburg Junior-Senior High School need to provide supports that will lead to a greater number and percentage of grade 3-8 students achieving scores of proficiency (Levels 3 and 4) on NYS Common Core Assessments. We have set an objective to increase the overall proficiency rates (the percentage of students scoring a 3 or a 4 on state assessments) in grade 3-8 ELA and Math by 4% during each year of the grant. Most of our PD efforts are targeted to grades 3-6 in the elementary school and grades 7-8 in the Junior-Senior High School.

We also track our student achievement through the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress or MAP program. The Board of Education has set a target of 45% in math and 60% in reading for growth toward college and career readiness; we hope to meet or exceed these targets as a result of the work in this project.

PD planned for this project includes: Google Summit (for all staff); Google Classroom workshops; training to use TI-nspire calculators in instruction; workshops to support student research through technology; training in creating student pathways in the Compass Learning program; Advanced Collective Writing with Google; Using Google Apps for Education (GAfE) to Inspire Learning; and Advanced uses of GAfE). PD is targeted and progressive over the three year grant period. PD also supports and is supported by the technology that we plan to purchase with grant funds. We will be acquiring touchscreen Chromebooks for teachers to add to those already purchased by the district; the goals is to have one Chromebook per teacher in each of the two schools over time, to be supplemented by district funds as needed. We also plan to purchase TI-nspire calculators for teachers in grades 7 and 8 in the second year of the grant period.