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Learning Technology Grant Winner: East Ramapo - Spring Valley High School

Award Years: 2015-2018

2015 – 2018 Learning Technology Abstract

East Ramapo Central School District

The goal of this project is to improve student achievement in the area of literacy through the use of technology hardware and web-based programs. Teachers will undertake 45 hours of intensive professional development, facilitated by Google certified trainers – from our own teaching staff. Using Google Apps for Education (GAFE), the teachers will develop lessons, units, and projects that will demonstrate their gains in skills and knowledge in learning technologies, and that will be shared with content area colleagues throughout schools and district as a significant contribution to the district’s burgeoning 21st century technology infused curricula.

Teachers learning experiences in this project will be shaped by learning technology goals that characterize this initiative: Communication, collaboration, credibility, and crowdsourcing. These functions summarize the form and content of the Learning Technology initiative. Teachers will become proficient in web-based applications that promote literacy teaching and learning through collaboration (teacher-teacher, teacher-student, student-student, student-teacher). Students will find meaningful purpose and real audiences for their work and will be in regular communication with other students and their teachers via Google Apps. Teachers will learn how to facilitate their students’ research by recognizing evidence of credibility in the sources they find on the web. Students will also engage in 2-way crowdsourcing, obtaining information from and contributing information to collaboratively developed sources such as blogs and wikis. The academic area focus of the work will be literacy across the content areas.

Our Learning Technology program was developed in collaboration with educators from public and nonpublic secondary schools in our district. The project will also seed the public and nonpublic schools with Chromebooks as a significant step toward meeting the district’s longer-term goal of 1:1 computing.