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Next Generation Learning Standards

Next Generation Standards Supporting All Students Conferences Professional Development Toolkits

Following the adoption by the Board of Regents of the newly revised English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards, the New York State Education Department hosted the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards: Supporting All Students Conferences. These conferences provided guidance and resources to deepen knowledge and understanding of the NYS Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards. Many of the resources from these conferences—including presentations, surveys, analysis templates, discussion scenarios, and others—have been made available on the conferences website

These Professional Development Turnkey Toolkits provide prepackaged instructional steps and guidelines so educators and administrators may facilitate training on various aspects of the Next Generation Learning Standards within their own professional communities.

Reference Guide

Advanced Literacies Briefs Guiding Document

Family Engagement Toolkit for Multilingual Learner/English Language Learner Standards Support

Guide to Aligning Local Curricula to the Next Generation ELA Standards

Next Generation ELA Introduction Toolkit

Next Generation Math Introduction Toolkit

Next Generation Math Crosswalk Toolkit

The Next Generation Mathematics Teacher-Support Features Toolkit

Standards and the Instructional Cycle: A Resource for P-3

Standards-Based IEP Toolkit 

Standards, Not Standardization: The Early Learning Standards and Diverse  Populations