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New York Institutions

Initiating the Process for Institutional Accreditation

An authorized degree-granting institution located in New York State may apply to the Regents and the Commissioner for institutional accreditation, acting in the Board’s and the Commissioner’s capacity as a nationally recognized institutional accrediting agency.  Institutional accreditation by the Regents and the Commissioner establishes eligibility to participate in Title IV programs available under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended.

An institution will not be considered for institutional accreditation until it can document success with respect to student achievement in relation to the institution’s mission, including consideration of graduation rates, job placement rates, and State licensing examination scores, as appropriate and in accordance with the standards of quality for institutional accreditation set forth in §4-1.4 of the Rules of the Board of Regents. 

The applicant institution is encouraged to review closely all materials related to accreditation before deciding to pursue accreditation by the Regents and the Commissioner.  Having done so, it sends a letter of interest to:

Office of College and University Evaluation
Attention: Accreditation
State Education Department
89 Washington Avenue, 960 EBA
Albany, New York 12234

The letter encloses evidence that all required State approvals have been met.  (These normally include a Regents charter or permission to confer degrees and program registration letters from the State Education Department.)  An application will not be entertained if any significant conditions related to compliance with the Rules of the Board of Regents or the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education are attached to any State approvals.

After a review of these materials, the Department will determine whether the institution is in compliance with State authorization requirements and whether the institution is under any adverse action by the Federal government with respect to Title IV responsibilities or by any other nationally recognized accrediting agency. If there are no concerns, an accreditation staff member will be assigned as the institution’s primary contact and review coordinator. Once an institution has submitted an application for accreditation, the applicant institution should maintain ongoing contact with its review coordinator.