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New York Institutions

Information for Institutions Accredited by the Board of Regents and Commissioner of Education

The New York State Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education serve as the nationally recognized accrediting agency for 12 institutions of higher education in New York State. One result of this accreditation is that these institutions are eligible for Title IV funds under the Higher Education Act if they choose to participate in these programs.

The Handbook of Institutional Accreditation includes comprehensive information about institutional accreditation functions and processes.

Change in Scope of Accreditation

Section 4-1.5(d) of Regents Rules defines actions that require a change in the scope of an institution’s accreditation. It also describes the process for considering such substantive changes. A Regents-accredited institution that initiates a substantive change is required to apply to the State Education Department for a change in the scope of its accreditation. For more information, please review the application for a change in scope of accreditation.