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Charter Schools


Board of Regents-Authorized Charter Schools ONLY

At the conclusion of the charter term for New York State Board of Regents-authorized charter schools, each charter school may elect to submit an application for charter renewal for consideration of a proposed subsequent charter term. As part of this process, the New York State Education Department (“NYSED”), on behalf of the Board of Regents (“Regents”), will carry out a summative review of the charter school’s performance throughout the entire current charter term1. This review will be based on2:

  • The Regents-endorsed Charter School Performance Framework for Regents-authorized charter schools;
  • The information provided by the charter school in its renewal application;
  • A site visit to the school; and
  • Other applicable data/information.

Charter schools that have met the rigorous standards set forth in the Charter School Performance Framework and the Board of Regents’ Charter School Renewal Policy may then receive a renewal recommendation by NYSED for consideration by the Board of Regents. Charter schools that do not meet these standards may be subject to a non-renewal recommendation and subsequent closure by the Board of Regents (see the Notes’ section below).

The Charter School Performance Framework and the Board of Regents’ Charter School Renewal Policy are the foundation of the Regents Oversight Plan, and provide the NYSED Charter School Office (CSO) with a roadmap of the renewal process applicable to all Regents-authorized charter schools. 

The Charter School Performance Framework for Regents-authorized charter schools was updated in November 2015, and again in 2019. It provides an outline of the quality benchmarks that will be evaluated during the renewal process by addressing three broad areas:

  • The school’s academic success and ability to operate in an educationally sound manner;
  • The school’s organizational viability and its ability to operate in a fiscally sound manner; and
  • The school’s faithfulness to the terms of its charter and adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

In 2012, the Regents adopted a Charter School Renewal Policy, which outlines policy, processes and criteria for the renewal of Regents-authorized charter schools.

Completing the Application for Charter Renewal:

To be considered for renewal beginning in the 2022-2023, your charter school needs to be on this eligible applicant list: Charter schools whose charter terms expire at the end of the 2021-2022 school year  [PDF image]  This list also provides the Charter School Performance Framework designation for your school (2015 or 2019).

Regents-authorized charter schools are required to submit a complete application for charter renewal using the NYSED CSO Survey Monkey Apply platform. The directions and link to the portal can be found by following this link, or by watching the short video below:


A complete application for charter renewal consists of:

Renewal Application: Under Construction

Benchmark 1 Narrative Under Construction

Budget: 2021 Renewal Budget

*(Date is subject to change with written notice from NYSED.)


The school’s board of trustees is not required to submit an application for charter renewal. Before applying for renewal, the board should carefully consider whether the school has met the criteria for renewal as set forth in the Regents Oversight Plan, including but not limited to, the Charter School Renewal Policy and the Charter School Performance Framework. If the board does not apply for renewal, the charter will not be renewed, and the school will close on June 30th of the final year of the current charter term. A school’s board may choose to do this, among other reasons, to ensure that the school’s students have the maximum amount of time and opportunity to find a new educational setting for the next school year.
In addition to the review of an  application for charter renewal, when making a decision to renew a school, the CSO considers additional evidence, including but not limited to, annual reports, independent financial audits, state testing data, and site visit reports that have been collected throughout the entire charter term. A charter school may submit supplementary information, but such information does not supplant the standards of the Charter School Performance Framework.

1 The last year of the prior charter term will generally be considered as a baseline for the next renewal term. In addition, Charter School Renewal Policy permits an examination of data from previous charter terms in making a renewal recommendation to the Regents, since multiple short-term renewals are generally discouraged.  

2 Also see the obligations set forth in section 119.7 of the Commissioner’s regulations.