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NYSED Weighted Lottery Generator

Weighted Lottery Generator

Prior to amendments made to the 2014 federal Non-Regulatory Charter Schools Program (CSP) Guidance, charter schools receiving CSP funds were not permitted to weight admissions lotteries to favor certain student subgroups. With the approval of the U.S. Department of Education, New York State charter schools may now weight admissions through the use of a Weighted Lottery Generator created by the Charter School Office.

The Weighted Lottery Generator is only intended to be used by schools receiving CSP funds. Please be sure to carefully read the guidance below for use of the Generator. Charter schools will not be permitted to use the program without first following the directions contained in the guidance. For planning purposes, charter schools may only weight for one at-risk subgroup of educationally disadvantaged students (i.e., economically disadvantaged students, English language learners, or students with disabilities). Consideration of one subgroup weight should be reflected in a request to modify a current enrollment policy in order to use the Weighted Lottery Generator.

Guidelines for Use of the NYSED Weighted Lottery Generator 

NYSED Weighted Lottery Generator Demonstration Video 

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