School Bus Driver Safety Training Program

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The School Bus Driver Safety Training Program is a comprehensive education program for school bus drivers, monitors, attendants, and school bus driver instructors (SBDIs) in the latest techniques and information concerning safe pupil transportation.  The program utilizes a statewide network of approximately 65 master instructors who assist the Department in the development of the annual Professional Development Seminar (PDS).  The curriculum developed for this day long training seminar for SBDIs focuses on two to three major topics each year and provides SBDIs with the opportunity to improve their teaching skills.  Each year the Department establishes a different safety campaign.  SBDIs disseminate the training and information provided in the PDS to all school bus drivers, monitors and attendants when they conduct the two required refresher training sessions for these employees each year.

For the 2012-13 school year SED intends to issue a Request for Proposals (RFPs) to school districts, boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES), and nonprofit agencies to develop new school bus safety training curricula for students in grades kindergarten through twelve, including teenage drivers, walkers and parents.  In addition we will issue RFP's to create  Internet Versions of the Basic Course of Instruction for Drivers and the Professional Development Seminar for SBDIs, and others to provide for annual updates of the Basic Course and District Safety Review.  SED also intends to continue funding for existing contracts for the PDS Curriculum Materials, contract extensions with Safety Rules for new Basic, Advanced, Pre-Services and SBDI Courses, existing contracts for the PDS Program Delivery, SBDI Newsletter and School Bus Driver Database Contracts with Pupil Transportation Safety Institute.



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