My Brother’s Keeper – Family and Community Engagement Program

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The purpose of the Family and Community Engagement Program is to increase the academic achievement and college and career readiness of boys and young men of color.  Family and Community Engagement Programs will:                                                                                          

•     increase family participation in each child’s education by implementing family and community engagement strategies based on current research;

•     encourage support from, and collaboration with, families, community-based organizations, and local associations in communities with high populations of low-achieving boys and young men of color;

•     incorporate the use of mentors, teachers/tutors, and other high quality support systems that  are designed to improve student achievement and ensure a lasting and positive effect on classroom performance;

•     provide advocacy services to assist and support families navigating the educational system as they help support student learning;

•     support the development of skill-building programs to teach parents, students, and school personnel to successfully engage and interact with others and to sustain relationships key to helping young people achieve success in school and throughout life;

•     provide outreach in families’ home language to explain curriculum, school programming, special education services, enrichment programs, and the importance of school attendance;

•     design and disseminate family practices that support and are directly connected to student learning;

•     increase capacity to engage staff, families, and community to improve student outcomes;

•     develop an effective engagement strategy that is employed by the school staff, parents, and community members, and understand the infrastructure and skills required to sustain it; and

  • define and measure outcomes and evaluate practice.



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State Statute:             Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2016

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FUNDING SOURCE(S): 2016-2017

State-                           100%


Special Revenue-       

Total-                           $6,000,000


NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS SERVED: funds not yet awarded