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NYSSB Seal Request Form

In the past, high schools submitted a Seal Image Request form to and were sent a digital image, which they then printed for use on the students’ diplomas and/or certificates.  Some high schools worked with their local Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (RBERN) to have these Seals printed and to order various graduation regalia such as medallions or pins.  To ensure consistency across the state, the following changes are being made:

Starting in 2019-20, OBEWL will provide at no cost the physical Seals to be affixed to each student’s diploma as well as a medallion for students to wear at graduation.  In addition, high schools will be provided with a certificate template bearing the OBEWL logo and signature, to which they can add a superintendent’s signature and the students’ names.  High schools will submit the Seal Request form along with the End-of-Year Data form by no later than May 31st of each year that the Seal is awarded to students.  Upon verification of the data on these forms, Seals and medallions will be sent to the high schools for awarding to students at graduation and/or an awards ceremony.

Submission is done via an online form accessible at the following link.  It is recommended to download a template of the Seal Request Form in either Word or PDF  (see downloadable documents at the bottom of this page) so as to see the data that needs to be collected before filling out the online form.

Some high schools use criteria (such as an approved Checkpoint C World Language assessment) for which the scores may not be available by the May 31st deadline.  This is consistently the case for students who use an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam score to earn a point towards the 6-point total required for the NYSSB.  In these cases, high schools will re-submit an amended School Image Request form and End-of-Year Data form once the scores are available.  Upon verification of the data, Seals and medallions will be send to the NYSSB contact person at the high school.  OBEWL will not provide Seals or medallions prior to the receipt of these completed forms.