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NYSSB Culminating Project Notification Form

**Due to the challenges presented by COVID-19 related school closures and remote instruction, OBEWL will not be requiring schools offering the Seal to submit the Culminating Project Notification Form in the 2020-21 school year. **

The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL) conducts a few school visits in each region (virtual or in-person where permitted) to sample and observe NYSSB Culminating Projects.  The purpose of these visits is to provide feedback and support to high schools offering this program.  The Culminating Project Notification form must be submitted by all high schools that use an essay, portfolio or project to earn 2 points towards the NYSSB by no later than April 15th.  Submission is done via an online form accessible at the following link.  It is recommended to download a template of the Culminating Project Notification Form in either Word or PDF (see downloadable documents at the bottom of this page) so as to see the data that needs to be collected before filling out the online form.

High schools will be notified if they have been selected for a visit by no later than April 30th with the date/time of the visit and the name/contact information of the OBEWL representative that will be present.

On the Culminating Project Notification form, high schools will provide:

  • Date(s)/time(s) of culminating project presentations
  • Location for the presentations
  • Languages in which the presentations will be given
  • Seal contact information

The following sample rubric for the NYSSB Culminating Project is aligned to the ACTFL Intermediate High proficiency level and may be used by schools to evaluate their students' projects.  Schools may continue to use their own rubrics to evaluate projects if they wish.