The Directory of Public and Non-Public Schools and Administrators
for The State of New York

(Data presented through the following links are updated daily,
and reflect the most current information known to SED)

Information offered on this page is a subset of the State Education Department (SED) Reference File (SEDref) and is maintained by SEDís Office of Information and Reporting Services. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about information offered on this page, please E-Mail them to

You may retrieve the Complete Administrators Listing and documentation by clicking on the following bulleted lists, or you may browse the information on-line. Choose the "File" and "Save As" options to copy the contents of the text files to a directory on your PC.

Please take a moment now to access the documentation in the README file.

Additional information related to the interpretation of county code, district code and institution code can be obtained from the files:

We recommend that you obtain these files also.

Because this information is updated daily, you should update your files frequently (perhaps weekly) if you wish to have the most current information.

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