CF760                           FEDERAL AND STATE GRANT STATUS REPORT                                                               
The Federal and State Grants Status Report provides information on current year                                                     
projects and any open prior years' projects which have been received and logged by                                                  
the New York State Education Department.  Please use this report to reconcile your                                                  
grant records.  Report fields are defined as follows:                                                                               
PROJECT #          - The # assigned by SED at the time of approval.                                                                 
CONTRACT #         - For projects running through the grant contract process, the                                                   
                     New York State contract number will be listed.                                                                 
FUNDING SOURCE     - The name of the grant program.                                                                                 
SCHEDULED/         - The total amount of payments processed including scheduled                                                     
PAID TO DATE         but not paid.  An asterisk (*) indicates that the Final                                                        
                     Expenditure Report (FS-10-F) has been received.  If the FS-10-F has                                            
                     been reviewed and closed, the Paid-to-Date will equal the budget.                                              
                     Projects listed as UNDER REVIEW have been received and logged by                                               
                     the program office but have not been forwarded to Grants Finance for                                           
                     processing.  The project will continue to show as UNDER REVIEW until                                           
                     (1) the program office approves the application and forwards the                                               
                     budget to Grants Finance or (2) the application is disapproved by                                              
                     the program office. Disapproved projects do not appear on this report.                                         
START/END          - The funding dates of the project, including any extensions.                                                    
                     Funding dates are the dates in which project encumbrances can be made.                                         
SED CODE:     020702630027                                                                                                          
AGENCY NAME:  LITERACY WEST NY, INC                                    RUN DATE: 11/21/17                                           
                                     2018 PROJECTS                                                                                  
  PROJECT #  CONTRACT #  FUNDING SOURCE         BUDGET     PAID TO DATE    START     END                                            
  0138182014  C402185    WIA, TITLE 2, INCA       243,127        79,531  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  0640183062  C402825    EXTENDED DAY/SCHOO       239,882        88,085  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  2338182114  C402148    WIA, TITLE 2, ADUL        88,390        28,925  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  2338182115  C402170    WIA, TITLE 2, ADUL       120,243        38,945  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  2338183017  C402193    WIA, TITLE 2, ADUL        90,503        29,566  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  2338183018  C402194    WIA, TITLE 2, ADUL        91,055        29,791  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  2367181506  C402680    ADULT LITERACY           119,016        43,797  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  2367181507  C402684    ADULT LITERACY           103,000        37,844  07/01/17  06/30/18                                         
  TOTAL                                         1,095,216       376,484                                                             
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FOR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT VIA EMAIL GRANTSWEB@NYSED.GOV OR PHONE 518-474-4815